may we introduce

for most of you the gorgeous aged terra cotta planters + wonderful garden accessories from campo de fiori require no introduction…but the story behind them? well that’s another thing!

campo de fiori is named after the campo de fiori piazza in rome where robin norris’ mother did her marketing for fresh fruits + vegetables. the name means ‘field of flowers’. robin met his wife and cofounder barbara, a renowned horticulturalist in the berkshires where they took inspiration from the surrounding fields + forests, adding a classical + unique european flair to their designs + property as they built their business.

“Robin and Barbara have talked the talk and walked the walk of the “Green Movement” for decades with a lifelong dedication to living sanely – growing their own food, cultivating their own gardens, fermenting their own wine and cider, and staying close to the ways of none other than Nature herself. Not unlike their artisan compadres in Mexico who shape the clay, the stone, and the iron, they work with what is close at hand in the garden and in the woods. As Robin says, “The laws of nature will continue to mystify us – the greatest thing we’ve been given is this Mystery. And unfolding these mysteries and learning to live in concert with them seems an interesting challenge at this stage in our evolution as a species. Who knows? We may even be capable some day of shaping a culture in which the focus becomes Health, not Wealth. Hope springs eternal!””

…and about their artisan compadres in Mexico:

it’s local – it’s artisinal from start to finish : clay is gathered from the lagoon, tread upon by food + kneaded by hand

hand thrown on a wheel – fired with wood

aged with care in a misty greenhouse where the lush green of moss appears over time

campo de fiori’s collection of copper-plated plant saucers and trays, and iron trivets and plant stands allow for a harmonious plant presentation in both home & garden. “Raise it up. Enhance its presence.” The strength of iron, the grace of copper.

every garden, every plant is different – please visit us at Artefact Belmont to peruse our Campo de Fiori collection. for something that is ‘just right’ for you, visit the Campo De Fiori website – make a list and let us know what you need. (our annual Garden Sale ends March 31st – don’t miss out).