“may we introduce”

creativity + expression – we have met so many women setting out to ‘do their own thing’.

our latest ‘find’ (though actually karol found us! – thank you karol) is a tight collection by local lawyer turned artisan karol sierra-yanez. fluid shapes + organically elegant glazes make these pieces very special.

“My ceramics show all the traces of my hands and the story that I want to tell through them. This is my version of “imperfect perfection”. It is my version of beauty and my outlet to just let go and let the clay guide me as I work on each item I create. I don’t use molds, so each piece is truly unique. When you go home, be assured you are taking an item made with true love and passion. “

our collection of karol’s vessels are featured in our front window (artefact boston, washington st) – stroll on by or stroll on in!