“get your garden on”

it hit me last weekend – it’s time to ‘get my garden on’ for 2021! at ARTEFACT that means planning-the-planting for the “sunny” and “shady” beds in belmont, the moderate sun containers in boston + the succulent, herb, fern plantings for our Campo de Fiori pots, climbers for our trellises…and this year 2 Pennoyer Newman Parterre Planters – one with herbs and one with native bee + butterfly friendly plants…and of course the beehive fountain will flow again!

thoughts: color (lots of color) this year – so for the 1st time ever, DAHLIAS will be the major accent in our planters. for belmont : planters + pots will host fuschia, purple, red dahlias – buttons, dinner plate + single petal. in the full sun bed – brilliant chartreuse, lavender frothiness + lots of deer/rabbit repellent border plants. the shady side will maintain it’s sophisticated green-on-green look with the accent on texture. did i mention trellises with honeysuckle, clematis + passion flower? and our parterre planters (perfect for roof decks, patios, lawns, vegetable gardens, formal gardens + pretty much anywhere + everywhere) will host native pollinator-friendly plants + herbs.

plans: we ordered the dahlias : thomas edison, lavender ruffles, jowey mirella and mary evelyn and for our boston planters (another look altogether) belle of barmera, bora bora and burlesca (hope it’s as sexy as it sounds!). looking into where we can procure culver’s root – either ‘pink glow’ or ‘diane’.

for the herb garden: sage, anise, dill, oregano, hyssop… probably chive + allium around the border (anti rabbit etc). i pulled out my two (current) favorite cookbooks while planning the herb garden – HEIRLOOM BEANS from RANCHO GORDO and PLENTY from Otto Lenghi. There are always a few recipes that call for an herb or two that is not available locally. Tonight i will start culling for a few of the ‘rarer’ ones at the heirloom seed companies. for the bee + butterflies: surely asclepsia (orange) monarda ‘scorpian’ and some other big beautiful brilliant bloomers!

ohhh…and thyme, lots of thyme….everywhere.

small terra cotta + other planters: we sourced some cool molds, a few wooden bowls + troughs and other ‘interesting’ pots this season – plans are for succulents + ferns! just love the ferns from brilliant chartreuse to icy blue – beautiful with bleached wood, terra cotta, black or whatever you desire!

here’s a question: do you start with the planter and decide what to plant? or are you the type that starts with the plant and looks for the planter? we’re listening! let us know your “planting path”.

here’s a non-segue! i can not wait for my vaccine! the weekend after my 2nd vaccine my plan is to hop in the car and head for Snug Harbor – that’s where we will select our ‘extra-special’ plants for our stunning Campo de Fiori botanical pots…and linger for hours in the greenhouses + on the grounds.

  • be sure to start your planning with Artefact’s ANNUAL GARDEN SALE now through March 31st – after that it’s full price….and maybe too late for early plantings! i have a few of my faves on order!
  • if you live in the South End be sure to grab a latte at GREYSTONE before you settle in with your catalogs, guides + lists
  • while on the search for herbs i came upon this cool local company BOSTON MICROGREENS (local, independent, green) – i subscribed!