welcome to Artefact

it's a "hot summer in the city"!  join us for some "cool" - cool home decor, cool AC, cool tunes.... 

BELMONT :  after a stellar july our gardens have turned into what could be considered "one-hot-mess" - a bright spot is the show stopping dahlias.   we deadhead + 'hack away' hoping for a 2nd round of glory in the weeks ahead.

september specials: in stock campo de fiori aged terra cotta, trellises, hose guides, stakes + embracers are 25% off (through 9/30/23)

december 9th - save the date; our holiday shopping show is back!  new artists + vendors, a perfect day to 'kick off the season'

coming in september: tiki tables, the clemence + emile sofas from verellen, tatine candle refresh (check out Artefact's Tatine Special), clay serveware + raku vessels. 

BOSTON :  sooooo many "new shiny items" - in late august we have our long awaited Schwung Light installation - glass + brass and fabulous design.  we have a select collection of chandeliers, sconces + pendants.  looking for a flush mount - we can help!  

new + scheduled arrivals: esme + gregoire sofas from verellen, pure salt runners + rugs - great textures!

please see our hours by location - our shops will be closed for a few days in September for maintenance + refresh.  while the shops are closed we will continue to process quotes + orders + respond to questions and inquiries received by email: info@artefacthome.com