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a gift of peace

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festive fragrance supporting human rights and peace

Ring in the season with the Peace Rose candle (limited edition, made in chicago).  The fragrance evokes memories of late autumn walks in the Connecticut forest – the ground crisp with fallen leaves and the scents of fading roses mixed with pine.

autumn new england.jpgAutumn-mix-freeze-dried-rose-petals.jpgWith the Peace Rose candle Tatine has made it easy and sensually pleasing to spread goodwill far and wide.  Tatine has partnered with War Child, an organization that protects children in the most dangerous war zones.  10% of Peace Rose sales go to helping families provide a safe start for their children.


Many millions of children have been severely traumatized by armed conflicts around the globe.  These children have seen their communities destroyed.  They have lost parents as well as a safe and secure sense of home.  Hostile environments and circumstances ask kids to grow up way too fast.  Often youth in war-torn regions find themselves unjustly influenced by violence and ideals.

War Child aims to preserve the innocence and wonder of childhood.  Through access to education, community, and justice, they empower children to build resilience, protect themselves and others, and claim their rights.  These efforts help break the cycle of violence and promote a future of peace and wellbeing.


celebrate the season! celebrate the light! share peace + joy + the glorious scent of the Peace Rose candle.

candle-peace rose-tatine@artefacthome

you may have noticed a little literary style difference?  well….”may we introduce” ann f. – artefact’s new voice for sunday’s ‘may we introduce’…and of course, other “special assignments”…oh, the intrigue!