“may we introduce”


“weaving the future with the threads of the past”

Warm, Textured Throw Blankets – 100% Merino Wool  – From the Mountains of Portugal –Naturally Water-Repellent and Flame-Resistant


The majestic mountains of Serra da Estrela in Portugal hold ancient secrets of wool manufacturing. Artisans in the villages along this mountain range have been producing knit and woven fabrics from the wool of local sheep since the 12th century. Traditionally used to make warm and water-repellant capes for shepherds, BUREL wool is being revitalized with innovative applications for building materials, home accessories, and more.


The age-old manufacturing of BUREL wool (traditionally a natural brown in color) was losing it’s appeal in a globalized society. Factories closed. Young people emigrated. The local economy declined and an important heritage of Portuguese manufacturing practices risked being lost and forgotten.

Husband and wife hoteliers João Tomás and Isabel Dias da Costa were inspired to expand their brand to do their part in supporting the region and its inhabitants. Their boutique hotel and spa Casa das Penhas Douradas is founded on the principle of respect for the environment and surrounding area. By reviving the old BUREL factory, employing local artisans, and collaborating with Portuguese designers and architects, they have found a way to weave the knowledge and skills of the past into sophisticated and colorful design concepts that appeal to today’s consumers.  Isabel teases that one day the interior of a Ferrari may be upholstered in BUREL wool!

tx-woven burel wool-artefacthome.jpg

In a world that can feel like it moves too fast to appreciate simple pleasures and natural beauty, it’s comforting to know that high in the mountains of Portugal, the sheep still bleat, the shepherds whistle, the looms continue to tap out a familiar rhythm, and the seamstresses sing as they create colorful, imaginative designs out of BUREL.

They say that if Portugal were a person, Serra da Estrela would be it’s heart.

Serra-da-Estrela-Manteigas.jpgtx-woven throw portugal 1@artefacthome.jpg

tx-throw-woven burel wool 4@artefacthome.jpg

Wrap yourself up in the warmth and wisdom of Portugal!

serra estrella sheep 2.jpg

you may have noticed a little literary style difference?  well….”may we introduce” ann f. – artefact’s new voice for sunday’s ‘may we introduce’…and of course, other “special assignments”…oh, the intrigue!

and a note from sue – we have not yet ventured to the Casa das Penhas Douradas….but it has been added to the list!