report from the market day 1 + 2

our car service picked us up at 6am….2nd in line for some ‘one of a kinds’ from indonesia….just a few pieces but worth the ‘bleary-eyed-ride’

2017-10-11 07.45.26-1

back to verellen to meet with “our jackie” and take a more ‘studied tour’ around the showroom

2017-10-11 08.20.33

texture + tones – woof, weave, wood – curves + straight edge – It is all about how you put it together!

2017-10-11 08.22.51

2017-10-11 08.27.02

some old favorites in new fabrics – LOVE….and some new designs in favorite fabrics – LOVE!

2017-10-11 10.57.392017-10-11 10.58.17

happinest by verellen – in it’s own cool ‘bunkhouse’

2017-10-11 10.25.19.jpg

updated styling…fantastic fabrics – a whole new ‘flair’

2017-10-11 10.21.56

“our jackie”….a quick stop at the pennypath cafe….and onwards!

more great finds!


too tired to think…dinner at the Katherine Brasserie…a little sparkling rose, a delightful appetizer or two…and off to bed – tomorrow, friday the 13th, will be another early day!