terra cotta – plain + simple

it’s amazing how terra cotta pots accumulate over the years.  right now at artefact home|garden we are (almost) giving away our collection of small to medium terra cotta pots that have seemed to ‘procreate’ on the shelves…some have the vintage white look, others show a bit of character (imperfection) but all are ‘plantable’.  the smalls are just right for ‘starters’ – especially for seeds, or small pieces of broken succulents or alpine plants.

now available:

these are all either 50 cents, 2 dollars or 8 dollars!  as is!

looking for something a bit larger or detailed?  our latest shipment from campo de fiori is GLORIOUS – handsome double rimmed italian planters, cool dimitri cubes + rectangles and lots of the campo classics!


2013-06-04 Echeveria Terra Cotta Swan Cottage 3.jpgdouble-rimmed-italian-planter-campodefiori-artefacthome

designed in sheffield, ma – hand made in mexico – truly handsome pieces – from small to extra large the shapes, textures + styles of campo de fiori shine!

visit us tomorrow, sunday june 26th to get your 50 cent pot or your 326 dollar pot – or something ‘just right’ that’s somewhere in between.