report from the market (the 1st 8 hours)

high point – october 2019 – the word is WOW!

it was a whirlwind of trains, planes + automobiles (buses, ubers + car services…) + too few hours @ market – but boy-oh-boy – we are thrilled with our ‘shopping cart’!

thursday, oct 17th – 1st stop VERELLEN

it’s known as the most beautiful showroom in high point – and with very good reason (it is!).  this season the Verellen’s added a few new collections, refined or re-charged a few favorites….and with the addition of the remarkable (ie. handsome, luxurious, cool…) new fabrics – everything is ‘new again’.

new designs + refined or expanded designs – here are our favorites:

the theo club sofa – verellen expanded the theo club swivel to a standout family of sofas – tight seat + back, a narrower profile – same comfort, cool factor….sure to be a classic!

the rowan – “exciting + new, come aboard, they’re expecting you” – had to throw in a little ‘Love Boat’ – because this was true love! dining banquette/bench, dining chairs, sofa + lounge – the rowan was a standout!

happinest – dedicated collection – superior fabric options – it’s a verellen collection that just keeps getting better (making us happier + happier)

an intimate celebration – celebrating 20 years with tom + sabine verellen + family

fabrics + furs