report from the market : 20 hours on ‘the quest’

we knew we were ‘on the right track’….every time we turned around sabine verellen + her ‘oh so chic entourage’ were checking out the same things

for us the High Point Market is a ‘pretty big hustle’…let’s put it this way – we left home at 5am on thursday morning and returned at 11pm saturday…excluding 11 hours at verellen, 19 hours of ‘planes, trains + uber’ and 12 hours of sleep we had a 24 hour shopping marathon!

our ‘brazilian ladies’ never disappoint – fabulous new items arriving in our belmont + boston shops in just a few weeks

notre monde trays for the holidays – new cocktail + end tables from ethnicraft – always fun to talk to JT

rugs – we are VERY EXCITED! new collection launching january 2020 at Artefact Belmont + Artefact Boston

INSPIRATIONS! a special evening at our friend Dawn Sweitzer’s studio