NEW @ the shop

just a few more pieces to arrive in june (from our january and april orders)…this week, the long awaited “tetas” baskets…



handwoven by the indigenous canaan in the remote pacific rainforest of colombia – only accessed by boat or small prop plane


these baskets are made by women artisans using ancient weaving techniques – each basket can take up to 3 weeks to weave – very special!

serving boards from mexico – crafted from the richly figured woods of a variety of trees – boards are made from offcuts reclaimed from a high end furniture maker.

IMG_4884 (1)

planters or vessels – smooth matte white finish – fun shape – medium light weight

new fabrics available for verellen upholstered pieces – mohair, wool + wool blends, fantastic weaves – woven in the USA – boutique skilled mills in north carolina – it’s a great thing!


the DREAMY swivel chair from Verellen’s new HAPPINEST collection

also new is Verellen’s new ALL ACCESS website – check out the LOOKBOOKS, tearsheets, details + more.  see something you like?  give us a call – @ Artefact Home|Garden we have a growing verellen photo library, we have sat on at least 90% of the pieces, we have hundreds of fabric samples + oodles of knowledge – we are here to assist you!

Verellen Lookbook Spring 2017, Verellen Lookbook Winter 2017, Verellen Products

take a look – let us know how we can help!

we are hot on herbs this season – oregano, variegated sage, rosemary + 3 thymes (one thyme purely decorative) – when the 1st tomatoes ripen we are going to be VERY busy.  until then, greek salads + some sage walnut pesto.

we are working on what’s NEXT – new lighting from the czech republic is on order, we are working on a new verellen ‘great room’ plan…. and there will be more to come!