pietra lussuosa

pietra lussuosa or luxurious stone (hoping my english italian translator worked properly) – we had the good fortune to be invited to Cumar’s Linea Couture evening – a preview of new additions to this amazing collection.

we ventured to everett, ma (everett – another story for another time) to see what Carlotta + Ivo had going on.  what they have going on is showstopping beauty!

linea couture 2

admittedly, i was a ‘rock geek’ (around 5th + 6th grade) but i now know my collection of “fool’s gold”, geodes, somewhat special new england granite + quartz could have been enhanced had my parents allotted me a ‘larger budget’ and ‘wider sourcing’ (i.e. not just finds + trades from the neighborhood)

cumar red 1

silicone, petrified wood, fossils, crystals…and the ultimate in craftsmanship – the linea couture line is intriguing.  also in the showroom, verona marble + geoluxe (which we 1st spied at the ICFF show last month).  we look forward to returning on ‘a working day’ to see all of the offerings.

tiger eye 4

tiger eye gold – this stone was originally used as a luck charm by pagans and more recently it was combined with diamonds and used in jewelry by designers like faberge.  the bands of translucent gold originate from the oxidization of iron.  (tiger eye ‘gold’ is the planetary stone from gemini – lucky you maureen!)

check out other compositions + colors : CUMAR linea couture