“light your fire”

“come on baby, light my fire”

candles can be one of the most thoughtful of gifts – a perfect ‘pick-me-up’ for a friend, a host or hostess or a bit of self indulgence! set the atmosphere, share the mood!


100% cotton paper in vintage origami style reveals a path of stars…ensconced in the box – mouth blown glassware (repurpose please) with the most sophisticated of scents…”soft fragrant fires for after dark or dreamy afternoons “

Bergamot – crisp sparkling citrus notes enriched with ginger, bergamot + rounded with a hint of magnolia flower

Forest floor – earth perfume, rain soaked ferns, nuances of mushrooms + dark green moss – feel the dappled sunlight

Sanctuary – iris petals, temple sandalwood, coriander + sparkling mimosa – a scent of orientalist perfume – peaceful

Tears of Myrrh – “into the mystic”…dark tones of frankincense + myrrh with a floral crown of orange blossom, sweet freesia + charred vetiver – holy smoke!

Woodsmoke – autumnal fires : cedar, balsalm fir + fragrant forest resins with a hint of clove…just say yes!

Spirit House – an uplifting blend of fire + spice, vibrant background of orange, mandarin + coriander with lemongrass + wild lime and mah kwan pepper from Thailand – meant to have a cheerful effect on mood + atmosphere

8 oz soy wax candle – mouth blown smoke grey glass 8 oz soy wax candle – mouth blown smoke grey glass

TATINE dark, wild + deep

sultry, exotic scents – an ode to the night!  Evokes moonlight, smoke + evening blossoms – burn with abandon!


Joy + Roses….Roses + Joy – the perfect 2020 burn!  Share the Love! Verdant dark rose with a trail of evergreen, golden amber + forest notes.   8 oz soy wax candle – mouth blown rose-tinted glass – approx. 60 hours burn time

10% of all PEACE ROSE 2020 sales go to THE RAIN FOREST ALLIANCE.

visit us in Belmont or Boston – we’re keeping “the fires burning”

due to covid our safety protocols do not allow for testers. however, let us know what is of interest and we will light one for you!