wandering wednesday

ww-19-060816we had a slightly delayed start to the day but we made the most of the hours we had…after a stop at barismo in east arlington (latte for the road) we hit the open road – off to tiverton, ri to ‘check it out’.

lunch at the boat house – outside, sunny, waterview – no birds, no bees, no flies – 70 degrees – just the perfect time of year for dining al fresco.  a brisk warm breeze, Wesport Rivers RJR Brut Cuvee 2006, caesar salads + lobster fritters….it was almost like we were “ladies who lunch”.

a quick drive brought us to tiverton four corners (i wish i had done some more investigatory work before the day as we passed through adamsville – it seems like it may have been an interesting spot to poke around – there are also great walking paths + beaches to explore….next time).

the four corners has ‘lots of good stuff’ – especially the general store PROVENDER.

Provender has a full glass case of old-school home made delights, lots of interesting “boutique” sauces, condiments + mixers – and yes, great coffee.  We purchased this delightful, and previously unknown syrup – a total hit on Thursday evening with kraken rum, a splash of club soda and ice – “shaken not stirred” – definitely going back for more!

we wandered around the four corners – and made some fun purchases – one of the shops carries a good selection of the ever elusive cp shades…some fun summer purchases

we visited the shop of jeweler tiffany peay (who is also showing in newport this summer) – we were intrigued by the crystal water wands

it seems that there are crystal solutions for whatever ails you…i probably should have purchased the one that helps with memory (short term) because i then forgot to do something i have never ever ever done….i forgot to visit the cheese shop!  next trip milk and honey will be a priority stop.


a quick summer downpour had us temporarily sitting in the car…staring out at the verdant landscape…green green green.  the drive on main street through little compton (with a few ‘sneak peaks’ down a lane or two) – grapes, corn, christmas tree farms….and one beautiful property after another.  we snaked our way down to horseneck beach (being north shore girls we admit – we have never been) but after a look, even in the grey, cold weather – we think we will be back (maybe in the fall).

our last stop was perennial favorite the back eddy.  we enjoyed the local bubbly from Westport  along with some delightful cloumage from shy brothers farm.  if you don’t know about shy brothers farm – you should!  owned + run by 2 sets of shy fraternal twins, Arthur, Norman, Kevin + Karl they produce wonderful cheeses.  the hannahbells are an artefact favorite – especially the ones with shallot.  the cloumage is creamy + tangy and tastes of the salt air at the farm in westport point.

to end the day we shared the local scallops + headed back home….thinking ‘next time i will visit milk + honey, check out marisol’s ‘chippi’ – “a super charged and super sexy iced coffee” and i will probably visit the back eddy on a sunny day – stand out on the pier, and enjoy some ice cold bubbly + oysters and stare out at those crazy eddies’.