wandering wednesday

admittedly, it wasn’t a wednesday – we had to swap days – so to be alliterate and literal – it was salem on sunday – on the sea shuttle – then at sea level – then onto stickwork!

“our chariot awaits” – the sea shuttle from salem – great crew, great cruise!


north shore’s gold coast – full of the cabots, lodges, fricks, sears – and an extended cast of characters – endicott college: has to be the best campus ever – misery island: once home of hotel, casino, undoubtedly rum runners…now a walking + lounging mecca – check out cocktail cove sometime!


not quite close enough to catch the ONE Regatta (Offshore New England) but over 80 boats, spectacular weather – what a weekend!

once ashore we must ‘sustain ourselves’

sea level oyster bar in salem – a great find!  BEST SHUCKED oysters of the season!  thank you.  we also discovered one of our new favorite oysters – from east dennis, ma CROWE’S CREEK – perfect combo of brine, crisp + plump but firm + nicely sized.

stopped to check out a bit of the STICKWORK exhibit hosted by PEM – intriguing works by patrick dougherty – we will be back to complete the tour (through march 2017)


did you know our mom was a ‘movie star’….well, maybe not a star – but she had a part in the film THE AMERICANS, filmed right here on essex street in salem.

perfect end of day – break out the beach chairs + books at marblehead light!


Sea Shuttle – running weekends through October – easy to make reservations on line – a great couple of hours on the water

Sea Level Oyster Bar – if you’re in salem, we would recommend you try it out (outdoor deck)

Stickwork by Patrick Dougherty

Stickwork @ The PEM

Misery Island is managed by the Trustees of the Reservation – check out all of their cool locations

a bit of a reminder – SALEM is THE WITCH CITY – if you’re not into total crazy you may want to visit Salem in any month except OCTOBER!