wandering wednesday


a visit to the stitch and tickle studio in the south end led to a ‘south end wander’…one thing does lead to another!


what a studio!  sophie told us how she played with textures + textiles + stitching + shapes  – until one day she worked with leather – and voila – that was the eureka moment.  we are so lucky she hit upon the concept because her bags are a definite ‘can’t live without’.

the studio where ‘it all happens’ – concept, design to fruition


we selected some stunning pieces for the shop from the collection – washed lamb, sophisticated distressed metallics, a variety of sizes and shapes – due mid-october – we will keep you posted.

next stop (after upping the ante in the meter – how i do love the PARK BOSTON app)



i know, i know – it’s menswear – but they ALWAYS have the best stuff!  – we check the labels and then look up if there’s a women’s line…never been that lucky.  sault’s selection of  blue-grey hues in shirts and jackets is awesome – and the feel – soft yet crisp.

the c+j soap on a rope? – best scent (currently on the sale table!)….khaki jacket was a ‘coveted item’


a visit to the south end doesn’t feel complete without a visit to one of barbara lynch’s places…so we visited both!  favorites: the butcher shop tomato soup + the tatamagouche oysters from nova scotia (briny, good texture, hint of celery) at b+g oyster.

we enjoyed talking to max, our bartender, at the butcher shop!  the lunch crowd was interesting – some chefs, sous chefs, golfers, techies…

next stop – garage sale – you’re probably thinking furniture – but maureen’s acquisitions were of a ‘personal accessory nature’

stopped to say hello to our friend + client  the handsome kent newton – in his south end salon (stay tuned for partner greg lombardi’s foot portrait in a future wandering post)


after a stop at lekker’s to say hello (and get a counter stool) we were on to willey boston – where we managed a few more purchases….aside from the luxurious cotton shirts, tunics + pants (maureen did make a clothing purchase) we stocked up on hair accoutrements …best offering we have come across.

walk through union park


it’s that time of year – grasses, sedums…and moving trucks


a nice latte (not lavender) at cafe nero

feeling like i am in paris – at Siena Farms – local, sustainable, delectable

final stop (after upping the ante in the meter again) – WINE RIOT – just a few months old – lots of fun – and they sell naveran!  one of our favorites!