verellen – the gold medal standard

at artefact home|garden we have a lot of interests + passions – this season we celebrate 2 things we are passionate about : verellen furniture + the us olympic team.

klara-round chaise-casters-slip-verellen-artefacthome

let’s face it – after weeks of training + competing with moves like chloe kim’s – she deserves something comfy + cool.  we picture her with the klara chaise by verellen.  round shape, on casters – shown here with uber soft “furocious” pillow.


we would probably suggest more “furocious” for chloe – but otherwise the klara chaise is perfect for chloe – she can stretch out to do homework, watch movies or curl up with some girlfriends to ‘catch up’…btw, chloe laid down a back to back pair 1080’s in her ‘glory run’ – perhaps her parents (she’s only 17) should get her 2 klara chaises!



chloe kim – us gold medalist – halfpipe


jamie anderson – us gold medalist – slopestyle

jamie anderson – striking, talented california blonde – totally into the great outdoors!  we see jamie in the alicia xl sofa (in green velvet, of course) by verellen.  both have great personal style.

alicia-xl sofa-velvet-verellen-artefacthome

the alicia is a perfect example of verellen’s uncomparable detailing, haute couture worthy styling + stitching….and of course, impeccable design (a perfect blend euro-chic design + american craftsmanship + styling).  we can picture jamie lounging out on the alicia, tuned into her dr. dre.


questions about verellen – please feel free to call us @ 617-993-3347 or email

this guy – red gerard – whoa!

red gerard-gold medal run

did you see this run? – and the gerard family celebration at the base?  it was monumental – and as the commentary informed us – super creative.  we figure when the gerards get back to the US they will be doing some serious relaxing…and continued reveling!


the gregory modular sofa by verellen – super generous dimensions – a plethora of components allow for multiple configurations.  we see red, family + friends hanging + regaling with talk of the backside triple cork 1440.

red-gerard-family-shotgun-beers-snowboarding-gold-medal.pngred gerard getty image.jpg

stay tuned for more – we have days to go, golds to capture, style to show off!


artefact home|garden is thrilled to have a shop full of verellen pieces.  we are verellen acolytes – happy to discuss verellen quality, style, design, customization anytime.  we visit verellen at least twice a year – we aim to be knowledgable about (and have “test sat”) every piece, fabric offering + configuration.  at the shop we have fabric, leather + finish samples to share.  we love verellen + we are happy to share just what makes verellen the gold medalist in luxury craft.

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