september SALE – nouvel glassware

pour this year’s “good stuff” in a nice glass – a great glass makes a paltry toast palatable!

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the nouvel glass studio in mexico city has the best of both worlds – glass technology + world class designers.  don’t miss the chance to start (or add to) your nouvel glassware collection during Artefact’s september sale

20% off all instock + special orders – now through 9/30/16

BA glasses


Tumbler 9 oz |neutral grey or clear | set of 4 – retail $ 120.  SALE  $ 96.

Wine 5 oz | neutral grey or clear | set of 4 – retail $ 120.  SALE  $ 96.

place your order now – each set is made to order 

the BA glasses are designed by Bernardo Gomez-Pimiento – industrial designer + architect.

we would like to give you a short list of what Bernardo is best known for – but the list is too long…so besides the design of the BA glasses, here are a few of his other works + accomplishments: national theater school of mexico, Torre Barcelona, Habita Hotel, Mies van der Rohe Prize, Knight of the French Legion of Order, MA from Columbia…


CURA glasses

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Red Wine 10.5 oz | clear | set of 4 – retail $ 142. SALE  $ 114.

Licor 8 oz (great bubbly or white wine glass) | clear | set of 4 – retail $ 142. SALE $ 114.

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master glassworker + designer michael kramer designed the cura glasses.  michael started his glass career apprenticing in studios in switzerland, france + scandanavia (to us, this glass has the feel of all of this experience).  after earning a degree in 3d design with a specialty in glass – michael had his own hot glass studio in germany – his pieces are ensconced in museums + private collections across europe.





large 13 oz | neutral grey or clear | set of 4    retail $ 110. SALE $ 88.

smaill 9 oz | neutral grey or clear | set of 4    retail $ 110. SALE $ 88.

the specialness of the apollo glass is its exacted simplicity. designed by alonso gonzalez – founder of the nouvel studio.  this glass is perfect for milk, highballs, mixed drinks, water, small vase….it is just ‘just right’.

our SEPTEMBER SALE runs through friday, september 30th 2016.  

we are offering 20% off all CASKATA, Alison Evans, Montes Doggett + Nouvel Studio – including instock + special orders.  we are also offering 20% off all in stock Campo de Fiori terra cotta planters.