saturday SALE

saturdays are often lonely in the summer while our clients are at the shore, on the water, in the mountains…or  somewhere else fabulous – so for those of you who will ‘be around tomorrow’ (saturday, july 16th) – head over to Artefact for some delightful pricing.

if the weather allows (no rain, not too much wind) we will have tables set up outside –

50% off select pillows, ceramics, textiles, objets…and whatever else maureen decides to ‘put out’ for the day

20% off all planters – pennoyer newman, campo de fiori, carved stone and palm wood (includes special orders placed on pennoyer newman through 8/15/16)

if you get too warm shopping ‘the outside tables’ – come in, enjoy some air conditioning and check out our most wonderful linen scarf collection 20% off and see ‘what’s new’