report from the market

wednesday, april 19th – day 2 at the high point market…(officially 3 days before ‘the market really opens’)…but Verellen is rockin’ + maureen is placing orders!


the grant one arm chair + 1/2 in a mohair velvet with wolf (faux fur) ravioli pillows – a pair will be here in early may…i wish they were going to my lounge…but maureen insists we have them at Artefact Home for you to see (or purchase).

the look + feel??? i see 3 major lifestyle themes in the verellen showroom: lounging, conversing + dining (of course combining one or more is exponentially greater) – next week we will provide you with a ‘best of’ lounging, conversing + dining…but for now check out the overall vibe – casually sophisticated, beauty in the details, comfort as a premium, hints of euro-chic combined with the best of american craftsmanship…and above all ‘the verellen style + vibe’.


tom’s dad’s name is alois….so you know that the alois dining banquette (on casters) and dining chairs must be the ultimate…we certainly think they are – shown in one of our new favorite fabrics + colors: pastel 008 (remember the coolest victor chair ever?)


did someone say ‘lounge’?


go ahead…put your feet up


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day 3 …. “let there be light”…don’t miss it!