NEW @ the shops

spring 2022 here we come – from matches to tables – we have A LOT of new things…and more to come!

it's all happening here!...or there!
one-of-a-kind moroccan terra cotta vessels with substance (belmont)
blackened wood columns (boston)
stunning pair of chinese jars (boston)
natural light shades + rattan hanging baskets (belmont)
jasper drinks table (boston)
bocce ball cocktail table with smoked glass - sexy! (boston)
'say it with matches' - fun! fun! fun! (belmont + boston)
golden cachepots (belmont + boston)
bleached teak stools | side tables (belmont)
hudson body care (belmont)
the ever popular felted wool zip coin purse + zip pouch in spring colors (belmont + boston)
alison evans pitchers + vases (belmont + boston)
verellen's stunning greyson sofa - a test sit is a must! (boston)
lesung bleached teak bench - too cool for school, but perhaps you have a spot? (boston)
brass vases - the perfect 'last touch'
cards - brilliant, fun, irreverant...we have a great selection

spring is just around the corner!