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2015-07-22 15.12.53

we see that the in-home lounge is ‘all the rage’ – comfortable sophisticated seating, adult style rooms….what better than the bronze bar?  artisan designed + crafted in the usa – super sexy, currently one-of-a-kind2015-07-22 15.13.36

“hello bartender” – if you’re serving shrubs, martinis or cocktails of any sort you deserve this solid brass bar tool set (if you don’t mix, don’t worry – these look cool laying about)

2015-07-30 16.20.12 2015-07-30 16.20.02

oh – did you catch the stunning shagreen (faux) trays – back in stock, handled trays in faux shagreen – rectangles, squares + rounds

2015-07-24 14.45.45 TRAY, round-faux shagreen, dk mushroom w:gold TRAY, sq- faux shagreen, cool grey 010714

looking for the perfect ottoman for your shagreen tray?  well we have had some glorious verellen ottomans in the shop (claudia, marie louise) but the new stella is a true show stopper!  65″ x 30″ standard – custom sizing available – ours is done in a slate grey hair on hide….sumptuous….”lounge-y”….and by the way – ours has a cowlick!

Stella Ottoman Hair on Hide Slate Grey@HP Apr2015

looking to relax, converse, enjoy the view? – we are enamored with all the one-arm chairs + sofas we are seeing – one of our favorites is the andrea chair + 1/2 by verellen.  the andrea is one of the most comfortable pieces we have had in the shop (and that’s saying A LOT!) – now showing in 100% cotton porcelain with a wonderful welt detail….but we can picture a pair in charcoal velvet or a 4-some in one of verellen’s many luxurious linens

ANDREA 1-arm Chair + 1:2@Verellen Apr2015

back in stock – the tempo, wave moderne + new wave mirrors by carver’s guild – designed and made in massachusetts – the molds are hand-carved, each piece is hand poured + hand leafed (gold leaf or silver leaf) – just the right amount of updated glamour

new wave goldleaf 2 tempo mirror goldleaf angle Wave Moderne aluminum leaf

we don’t drink martinis….but these tables are so encouraging (okay, it’s perfect for my ‘bubbly’ glass too) – made by hand in the usa – hammered steel with a unique silver-gold finish – no gloss – very sophisticated!  single, paired…we’ve seen 7 set up as a ‘table’ between 2 sofas….ooooh la la!

2015-07-30 16.21.14 2015-07-22 15.11.32

it’s that time of year – our gardens are getting just ‘the slightest bit out of hand’ – and we love it!  just in time we have iron ’embracers’, hose guards (great as hose guards but they make wonderful stakes too) + garden trellises (for those plants that should be growing up, not out)

imgres-2 twisted-stick-cast-iron-hose-guide imgres-1we have used these embracers with snowball hydrangea, peonies…and right now in my garden to hold up the tall echinacea that is weighed down by morning glories…looks fantastic!

white bowls!  after all the fanfare…the lounge-centric glamour – check out these bowls – matte finish on the exterior, the interior is a high gloss – lovely roundish shape – we will be getting low rounds in later this season.

2015-07-30 16.20.57 2015-07-30 16.20.53

due in august: chandeliers + pendant lighting from belgium and south america, a piece of art so amazing you will need to visit – here’s a shot of a very small section

FullSizeRender (14)

2015-04-18 10.00.09 art paper 2 oval rays distressed gold teak mirror THEO Club Swivel 2@Verellen THEO Club Swivel in Misanga 1@Verellen