metamorphosis spring 2017

interupted stripestreak

spring is such a wonderful time of year – the return of green to our great outdoors, the special morning light, tight yellow buds portending wonderful colors to come…and of course earth day – our great celebration + mutual contemplation of the land where we live.

now is the time i often think about ‘adding a little something new, a blast of fun or color to my home….a ‘petit transformation’ usually done with pillows or objets!  why not add new textures, colors, shapes + prints?

2016-08-12 12.05.57

plush pillows make a lovely place to rest your head after a day of marching for science, poking about in the garden, walking the beach or hiking the trails…

southern dogface


the aim of science is to discover and illuminate the truth – rachel carson

 this season at artefact we have artisan made pillows from australia, colombia, argentina, new hampshire, ethiopia….shared dyes + colors from around the globe.

color hot 11

the wonderful butterfly photos are courtesy of our friend dr. doug taron, chief curator of the chicago academy of sciences…the butterflies shown were photographed by doug in ecuador, illinois, arizona, australia, mexico + beyond.  the names on the photos are the actual names (some of the monikers are quite fun….).  doug works at the peggy notebaert nature museum in chicago, il., founded in 1857 by the chicago academy of sciences.  i can’t wait to visit on my next chicago visit.

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.jpg

i am intrigued by one of the current exhibits ” Our House: Rethinking Home in a Changing Climate”….hope to check it out

blue-stitched eighty-eight-2

back to pillows….

kookaburra pillow with fringe 110113

2016-08-12 12.18.14

happy spring!  happy transformation!