may we introduce

te + te – japanese hinoki products for the bath – relax, restore, revive


valued for its fragrance, beauty, and therapeutic properties, the Japanese hinoki has been used in the construction of temples, shrines, and baths in Japan for centuries.


  • Hinoki has a warm woody aroma with a clean soft citrus note
  • It is more elegant and has a softer note than the common cedar
  • Highly regarded for its spiritual qualities
  • Resistant to moisture, rot, and insects with its antibacterial and antiseptic properties
  • Relieves tension and stress, has a decongestant effect, soothes and heals bites, cuts, stings, scrapes, and burns
  • High in “Phytoncide” organic compound, is known to healthy and healing properties


we are happy to introduce Eiko Miyazaki and her collection te+te.   hinoki atomosphere mist, goat’s milk soap, body + hand wash – for you to create a restorative bath at home….or to gift to your ‘stressed out’ friends.  arriving at artefact home|garden september 2016.




2016-08-06 16.23.36

Passeggiata soaps are designed, produced and hand-wrapped by Florentine artisans.  The soap is 100% vegetable-based with no unnatural preservatives or skin abrasive solvents and has the added natural soothing ingredients of olive and apricot kernel oil.  The fragrance is a perfect blend of Renaissance flowers, fruits and spices from the finest essential oils. The new Splendor Of Florence design was inspired by the tiles and mosaics in the churches and palazzos in Florence and floral arrangements from the 15th century.

we are delighted to offer these beautifully crafted, elegantly wrapped soaps to our clients.



MIRENA KIM-ceramicist

2016-04-23 15.08.36.jpg

we “discovered” mirena kim through our friend antonia (think our ‘fancy bowls’).  mirena has been making her sophisticated + sculptural pots since 1991, when she 1st ‘sat down at the wheel and was instantly captivated by the motion, speed, and emotional highs and lows of the process.”  at the time mirena was a graphic designer – but knew that soon she would be a true potter.

2016-04-23 15.07.47.jpg2016-04-23 15.08.20.jpg

2016-04-23 15.07.34.jpg2016-04-23 15.07.59.jpg

mirena has a studio in LA where she fires her wares in both a gas + electric kilns.  we love the shapes, glazes, textures…pretty much everything about her pieces.

CREATIVE WOMEN – generously sized soft ethiopian cotton bath sheets + hand towels (read beach towel, table cloth, sarong, picnic blanket, bath towel, bar towel, tea towel….) – hand spun cotton, rich weaves, natural fibers + eco-friendly dyed details combine for divine design + comfort.

bath sheets 3 creative women

“CONCIOUS CONSUMERISM – in which the act of buying is also one of giving – a powerful way to effect change”


CREATIVE WOMEN is a fair trade company committed to providing sustainable jobs + beautiful products.  working with long-term artisan-partners in ethiopia, morocco and bolivia CREATIVE WOMEN helps establish women-led small businesses, family enterprises + community cooperatives.  by creating a sustainable niche for the artisans, by opening markets + trading fairly, CW helps to ensure that their work supports the health, education + economic stability of the artisans’ families.

2016-02-19 15.35.07

“CONCIOUS CONSUMERISM – in which the act of buying is also one of giving – a powerful way to effect change”

Nick Moen – a young, talented ceramicist from the burgeoning artisan city of asheville, nc. we met Nick in 2015 – he had been on the road for 10 weeks, crossing the country to introduce his work.  The glazing is stellar, the shapes delightful.

2015-10-26 13.15.04

2015-08-15 09.43.19

Barbara Raidl is a painter  “who has fallen in love with screen printing.”  Her images are inspired by her friends and environment…from her garden to her visits out and about to the wonderful imaginings of friends + family.


Each card is made by hand on her press, which is not so much a press but a piece of wood with clamps! Each design is first drawn on paper; inked onto mylar; and shot to silk screens. Barbara hand silk-screens print each design onto 100# paper. Every card becomes an original piece of artwork.

we look forward to selecting our spring + summer designs later this month.  we love working with barbara who is based in chicago.  as of January 2016 our supply is a bit low…but look to march for a resupply of these beautiful small works of art.

2015-08-15 13.35.21

we love to work directly with artisans – but when we met emma and she shared her story – and we saw these beautifully designed + crafted bags – the deal was made! introducing: fait la force, a socially conscious design firm working directly with the haiti design co-op based in port au price.

if you are looking for a beautiful leather bag, artisan made from start to finish – these bags are for you.  if you are looking to support a socially conscious group dedicated to business development, skill training + sustainable development through job creation in one of the world’s poorest regions….well then, these beautiful bags are for you too!





Artefact Home|Garden currently has 2 styles available – both convert from over-the-shoulder to back pack style – all the leather is locally sourced from a family owned tannery in haiti.  the leather is vegetable tanned at the home of one of the artisans.  the thread is finished with locally sourced beeswax.  each bag is hand-stitched using traditional methods and takes 2 to 3 days to complete.

leatherworkmaintile_1024x1024 leatherworktiletall2


purchasing a fait la force bag will support initiatives to educate (job skills training, business management, leadership), connect (designers + retailers with the haitian artisan community) and enrich (healthcare, emergency loans, scholarship, wellness programs).

to learn more about fait la force origins

it’s very exciting to find new products or items to introduce to our customers – it is very very exciting when the response is outrageously positive.  we sold out of some items before i was able to get the introduction written up (don’t worry, we have reordered!)

tatine – “green fragranced” candles from chicago 

tatine may not be new to some of you – they have been making candles since 2001.  they are new to Artefact Home|Garden and their story is a wonderful one…their candles…even more wonderful.  why?  they are a ‘green fragrance’ – a bit of a double entendre:

each candle is made from GMO free vegetable soywax, handpoured in a lovely vintage inspired glass then packaged in FSC certified packaging with vegetable based letterpress ink (green)


the fragrances are ‘haunting compositions rooted in nature’ (green)

now for the beautifully harmonized botanical scents (i usually like to use my own descriptions…but tatine’s are so spot on – well these are their own words)


geranium bourbon – “heady floral, opening with green rose scented geranium, aromatic notes of rose hip, oil, musk, mint + rose absolute.  in early times geraniums were planted around the house to keep evil spirits away ” (who knew?)


forest floor – “rain soaked ferns, damp wood stems + green leaves, mossy overtones + heady damp garden soil” (well, i never thought this would be a “good thing” but it is)

bitter orange

bitter orange + lavender – “orange oil, bitters, mango oil + french lavender”


woodsmoke – “cedar moss, fir balsalm, eleni (a fragrant resin from trees), smokey kindling, natural clove + fir needle oils”

to sum these beautifully crafted candles in tatine’s own words “romantically rock n’ roll”

yard etc. – hand + body care created for gardeners by gardeners

YARD ETC’s products are carefully crafted by garden enthusiasts in Sweden. all of their products contain natural ingredients of high quality and wherever possible, organic components. absolutely no parabens and is definitely not tested on animals.

we have the hand balm, liquid soap + bar soap in oak moss + lemon nettle.  soothing, silky + ‘dirt banishing’

yard etc bar soap 2015-09-26 17.06.19

think ahead…these are wonderful gifts for the gardener!

maureen + i spend many many hours (admittedly, it is fun) seeking out beautifully designed + crafted pieces to offer our clients – our quest is never-ending…but we think we ‘hit the jackpot’ with the 3 artisans we are introducing in the summer of 2015 – by the way – all 3 artisans are on ‘their 2nd career’!

please drop by the shop to see + feel – we look forward to seeing you

daniel bellow porcelain – local artisan

2015-05-20 16.54.07-1each of daniel’s bowls, mugs, plates + “babies” (you’ll see) is made by hand on his potter’s wheel – one piece at a time.  the pieces are non-toxic + dishwasher safe.  

we met daniel last january – it was an immediate “got to have it” – he is a great character, his work is just wonderful + we knew right away “it has the artefact look”.  the shapes are just right…and the glazes are handsomely unique.  

2015-05-20 16.54.56

                                              2015-05-20 16.55.08-2

daniel was not always a ceramicist.  in 2001 he found himself without a job and decided that “if Paul Gauguin could quit his job to become an artist at 37, so could I.  But instead of leaving my wife, two small children and two large dogs and going off to Tahiti to drink myself to death, we all moved back to the Berkshires and established the Daniel Bellow Pottery in Great Barrington in 2002.”

IMG_89112015-05-20 16.54.44

now….the “babies” – these little gems can be used for so many many things…check out ruth reichl’s blog for her ideas + praise

2015-05-20 16.54.30

(and for those of you from Cape Ann…check out today’s blog about “the perfect summer lunch”…of course it involves clams!) – I am picturing these steamers in daniel’s pasta bowl with the silvery-grey swirl!6a0120a744499b970b01b7c7a1599a970b-500wi

Perfect Summer Lunch

rocks glasses?  we have some gorgeous rocks glasses from daniels collection – interested in pint glasses?  let us know – we will get them on the next order!

fred rossi – rossi custom woodwork – local craftsman

fred likes trees, “BIG TREES”…at least that’s what it says on his website.  maureen + i first reconnected with fred after seeing a posting on social media – it contained a photo of a custom piece fred designed + built for his client in the music industry – curvy + patterned + cool – it was remarkable!  though the piece itself would not fit the ‘artefact aesthetic’, the piece was beautiful + the workmanship was top notch (and for those of you who know fred either personally or professionally – pointing this out was not necessary).

maureen had a console design in mind – something sleek, but not too sleek, elegant – a piece that would work in many locations (front hall, behind a sofa, as a dining buffet or bar…) and that would augment our upholstery collection – beautifully designed + made casegoods are not easy!  we visited fred, shared our design concept – the pen went to the paper (or the stylus went to the ipad) – and soon we were selecting wood.

the result – we are delighted


artefact_061115_table detail 2 artefact_061115_table detail

solid ash console with highly figured ash veneer top – literally glows in the right light – 3 drawers – tapered legs – for those of you who work with wood or ‘have the eye’ – you will marvel at the ‘wood matching’ – drawers, front and back – it’s a work of art!


i imagine that the boy scouts in troop 3 don’t talk about ‘glamping’ that often (fred is the much admired + decorated leader of the vaunted troop) – but admittedly, maureen + i, along with a ‘full cast of friends’, have been into ‘glamping’ for years (well before the word was ever used i expect).  when we visited fred at his home – we saw these solid mahogany camp chairs – we “had to have them” – if you are ‘rusticating’, yachting, sitting on the dunes to watch the sunset, hanging out on the deck over the lake, relaxing by the fire….you should have these chairs.  comfortable, cool, artisan made!  drop by to ‘test sit’.

check out this custom piece fred did for the ipswich library – cool story (we love cool stories)

Click to access Ipswich-Chronicle-Article.pdf

come by the shop to see what everyone is raving about!

reintroducing yuka uchida – fine porcelain tableware

during our 2nd year we selected a very limited amount of pieces from yuka’s work…the response has been amazing + we now have a full collection of table wares – mix + match or ‘stay loyal’…

2014-04-02 12.25.46

after a stint in architectural design + interior design yuka moved to the usa to study fine arts.  after working as a product designer (furniture) she decided to design + create pieces in porcelain – fine, rich white porcelain.  yuka enjoys adding her modern style to this ancient material.  at artefact we have selected from yuka’s linen + burlap textured pieces for the table…each piece stands on its own…but a table of the pieces is incredibly beautiful.

2015-03-15 12.15.212015-05-31 12.33.082014-02-02 10.20.53

visit our shop to see the subtle but stunning texture, lustre and styling of yuka’s pieces.