may we introduce

Formulary 55

Hand & Body Crème

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Hand Made | Small Batch | All Natural

Cordelia Smith, founder and chief potion producer for Formulary 55 calls herself a “professional bath taker” and “seeker of pretty things that smell good.” If #metoo did not already have a well-established connotation, I’d use it here.

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There is so much to admire about Formulary 55. The aesthetically pleasing black and white packaging, the loving care that goes into making the products, and the life-affirming ingredients that render their body balms safe enough to eat — these are reasons why I’d like to fill my personal sanctuary and (currently imaginary) guest suite with Formulary 55 botanical bath and body care. But it’s the moisturizing power and the subtle but seductive scent of the hand and body crème that have earned this exquisite jar of self-care a spot on my nightstand.


Sea Salt & Lavender: Fresh | Herbal | men + women

Vintage Peony: Floral | Subtly Sweet | gardener’s delight

Both are heavenly.