soft fragrant fires for dreamy afternoons or starry evenings – soy wax candle in artisan mouth blown smoke grey glass – created to be beautifully repurposed (glass, vase). each candle is delivered in a 100% post-consumer waste cotton paper; an origami-folded base reveals a smattering of stars. approx. 60 hours of burn time – 8 oz; $ 46 each

Bergamot Crisp, sparkling citrus notes with ginger, bergamot + aromatic flower.  Lime essentials + warm indian sandalwood.

Forest Floor An ‘earth perfume’ – mists of rain soaked ferns + dark green moss – a dreamlike atmosphere emulating the forest and all its magic.

Garden Mint Sparkling + spicy – a bouquet of mint + sweet spearmint leaves spiced with pink peppercorns + lemon tea.  Herbally + aromatic.

Sanctuary Fragrant ginger, coriander + sparkling mimosa with temple sandalwood + iris petals – lends the feel of soft golden light + peacefulness.

Spirit House An uplifting blend of fire + spice – a vibrant background of citrus orange, mandarin + coriander with wild lime leaves….ready to lend a cheerful effect to your mood and atmosphere.

the DARK, WILD + DEEP collection

an ode to the night + those who inhabit it. whiskey-soaked, moonlight, smoke + ash. scent the evening with blooms + abandon. soy wax candle in 2 oz smoke grey glass, approx burn time 16 hours. $ 26

City of Night  An ode to the distinctive and mysterious spirit of jim Morrison. Ghostly notes of dark hinoki oil + charred vetiver blend with cypress and fir needle to create a deeply fragrant resin. Finished with velvety leather + oaken whiskey – totally seductive.

Devotion  Everywhere in Everything.  Layers of dried black tea leaves steeped in lemongrass and balsalm fir with woodflower + drops of bergamot oil.  Finished with a deep green mossy accords.

Kashmir  Inspired by the sexy Led Zeppelin riff, Kashmir is a unisex blend of ethically harvested sandalwood and dry woody amber oil.  Drops of exquisite magnolia flower, vanilla + musk – layered in soft orientalist spices.  Total aphrodisiac.