TATINE – just in time for the holidays

a little something special for our loyal customers who are enamored of TATINE scents just as much as we are. we are not always able to stock all 23 of Tatines’s amazing candle scents. so for this season we are trying something new. purchase a case of 8oz candles (6 candles, all the same scent) and receive 20% off. if you know your scent you can just email us a request or drop by either shop to place your order.

not sure about a scent? visit Artefact Belmont by Oct. 28th – we have testers for all 23…or check out the “Fragrance Notes” below .

want 3 of one scent and 3 of another – bring a friend – you can each order a single case (as long as you agree on the scents!)

About TATINE Stars are Fire Candles

  • Natural Wax Candle in Smoke Grey Mouth Blown Glassware
  • Not a trace of petroleum-derived paraffin is used in our wax formulation.
  • Composed of an exquisite blend of bespoke perfume oils and essential oils, which are phthalate-free and crafted with cotton wicking. 
  • Poured into artisan mouth-blown glassware exclusive to Tatine, crafted to be drink safe. Gently hand wash or place the glass in the dishwasher for use at your next celebration and let it live uniquely on.
  • The packaging for this collection is made from 100% post-consumer materials, richly textured and beautifully repurposed. Every parcel is unique and variations in the paper are a testament to its natural character.
  • The boxes are printed in Chicago with craft manufacturing, adorned with locally-sourced, 100% recyclable labels featuring a kindred design collaboration between two Chicago female artists and Tatine, working in shared inspiration from music, poetry, and abstract painting. 
  • Flatten the beautiful origami-style box, as the scent of each candle leaves its mark and can be slipped into a drawer to emit a delicate fragrance.


  • up to 50 hours of a delicate fragrant atmosphere when burned properly.

each candle will be packaged separately (see above) for gifting!

if you would like you can download this order form, fill it in and email to info@artefacthome.com. we will send you a “thank you for your order” + a copy of your receipt.

the name of each candle is evocative of time and place – the scent transports you – inspired by nature, rock and roll + the literary arts – each tatine candle tells the story

FRAGRANCE NOTES from the maker

Odes to Common Things
A short pass through a mossy forest leaves a shimmering pattern of grounding sandalwood and glinting herbal undertones – bright, botanic and spirit-lifting. The sillage gives way to stillness and soft focus. A breath of wandering summer when you need it most.
A box of tea. A lemon. An open window that looks out on orchard, forest or sea. A crisp, green breeze carrying a sparkling blend of citrus with fragrant ginger, lime and Italian bergamot, steeped with tea and aromatic magnolia flower.
Sip slowly and appreciate the delicacy.

Kiss me like Zephyrus;
turn me into flora
I want to bloom
like April flowers
in the winter

Rooted in ancient lore, lavender’s potent herb still casts a spell in our gardens, where we long to emerge from remoteness and place ourselves inside the signs of spring where a thousand orange groves blossom, flavoring the air and stirring the heart.
Tart citrus Seville orange oil stirred with bright notes of marmalade and a whirl of dark orange bitters are combined with fragrant Barreme lavender, finished with chalky soil, floral notes, and a hint of mango extract.
The gentlest of breezes, the fructifying wind.
An ode to the distinctive and mysterious spirit of Jim Morrison. Or just another lost angel?
With ghostly notes of dark hinoki oil and charred vetiver blended with cypress and fir needle to create a deep fragrant resin to evoke the salty, sweaty, animalic pheromone scent of Morrison’s armpits. Male sweat holds a seductive sex appeal, achieved with the addition of black pepper and evocative woody floral accords finished with velvety leather and oaked whiskey—mystical, dark, and intense, the smell of a man with a heady sensuality.

It was quite late at night, the whole building was quiet, and there was Paul playing this enchanting song, with him humming and “ooh-ing” the melody line. The simple ending arrangement with a final “blue note” adds an unexpected anticipatory chord to hang in the air while Paul repeats the song’s title for the last time.
The sweetness of it all, the delicate nature of the piece, and the relaxing effect the song has on one’s mood.
The summer air hardly blowing, heavy and humid like the scent of mist loitering in a new morning ray or a call unto drowsy fields.
I know this feeling.
Field of Grass; Inspired by the song and recording of ‘Mother Nature’s Son.’
With top notes of summer grass under a sun shower, a middle harmony of golden flowers, green tea, and lemon blooms that float to create an ever-present, greener, and sweeter nostalgic memory.

Pick a ribbed fig from the tree at twilight.
Split the dark cocoon in two.
Rub the wart with amber pulp and seeds.
Tie the halves together again.
Bury them in the flinty earth
under the waning moon.
Soulful notes of marigold oil and mulberry are honied and heavy with the scent of sweet, sunburnt fruit. Woody, crushed Mediterranean fig tree leaves infuse with aromatic greenness from the rhythms of nature. A gift of boozy dried fruits and velvety figs.
Close your eyes. Listen to your breathing.
Va bene.

A well-written song isn’t just a poem with a bunch of notes attached; it’s filled with emotion and becomes a fragrance mingled with the spirit of bygone days.
Flowers on the hillside was created as an homage to those who leave us for the spirit world. Stemming from lyrics off Bob Dylan‘s Blood on The Tracks “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go.”I’ll see you in the sky above, the tall grass in the ones I love –
Physical distance doesn’t separate people, they are with you, and their memories are all around you.
Notes; Beds of clover and dark green grasses in heavenly realms. Oakmoss mixes with rose oil and geranium bourbon leading to a dry down of lemon oil and moss—the wildings of nature that lull you back to the summer of your dreams. A deep green fragrance dotted with wildflowers on a hillside and sword-shaped grasses that pierce our hearts and memories.

A name based on a scent descriptor of wine-tasting notes for Pinot Noir from Burgundy. Many scent descriptions on wines harken a place and time – the French have mastered this, hence the idea of terroir. All the poetry aside, it smells like wet dirt.
Green leaves and soil scented from rain, alive and ozonic. As in a glass of champagne, when a raindrop hits the ground, air bubbles rise upward, releasing a fizz of aromatic natural aerosols that carry hidden scents of the earth as they evaporate.
Misty forest ferns and dirt-covered wild mushrooms hover over a heavy peaty aroma of dark green moss and damp, woody tree bark. A divine and distinctive earth perfume for the home.
Is not the smell of forests delicious? It seems to ascend like the smoke of incense.


Closed eyes 

voices of leaves and birds

In my hair

As if you are here

In a moment.

Sparkling with lemon tea and the extraordinary extract of Schinus molle, also known as pink peppercorn. Ethically harvested and distilled in Lima, Peru, the essential oil is purified in France by a soft molecular distillation process and then blended into our fragrance for its gorgeous Evergreen character and feeling of sweet solace. An incredibly lush and herbal aromatic garden mint braided with berries, ginger, eucalyptus and delicate jasmine petals. 


Swirling like clouds of thought during the late-night recording sessions of The Beatles’ widely-storied White Album. With the lights down low and the music up loud, the band drifts into a creative haze fueled by perfumed hashish smoke and half-filled glasses of red wine.

Riding high on head notes of viscous ash, tart rhubarb, and peppery citrus, which melt into cassis heart notes, this offbeat fragrance is not for the faint of heart but rather those with a proclivity to the kind of magic reserved for a hard day’s night, for those possessing the boldness to roam wild and free. Footnotes of dark patchouli, saffron, Hindu buds, and violet underpin Hashish’s woody, enigmatic soul. Ethereal yet powerful, meant for moments when you feel like letting go.


The season is at hand when swaying on its stem

Every flower exhales perfume like a censer

Sounds and perfumes circle in the evening air;

To be fragrant, magical, and medicinal, Holy Basil is a spiritual ceremony of dark green camphorous herbal notes blended with wild grasses, cannabis, and sacred basil.

Adorning houses and temples throughout India, the plant’s woody stalks are often made into beads used in meditation malas or rosaries, generating a warming influence on physiology.  

Drops of dark syrupy violet oil, anise, and garden mint enhance nature’s fragrant and spiritual rhythms emanating from this scent. 

Clove buds and green vine tomato are spun into sweet holy basil flower buds to echo the divine origins of the sacred flowering plant,  which can give you so much sweet solace for your cares, if you let it. 


Our Kashmir candle is a seductive layered scent inspired by the Led Zeppelin song of the same name. We’ve all had that moment during a song when the hairs on our arms stand on end. A listening experience that surges through you when it wouldn’t hurt to have a little holy water nearby.

Kashmir is a fragrant blend of ethically harvested sandalwood oil, white incense, and dry woody amber oil. Saffron tea notes anchor creamy, soft orientalist spices. Drops of exquisite magnolia flower, vanillin, and musk rest in the base to create a powdery haze. Totally sexy. Kashmir is a transcendent classic well-suited to the adoration of Eastern sovereignty and rock royalty alike.


We are stardust

We are golden

When chemistry happens between people with music, magic happens. 

A laid-back but creative milieu blossomed in the many half-hidden houses on the leafy, eucalyptus, and jasmine-scented lanes of Laurel Canyon. This L.A. neighborhood was colonized by an impromptu group of musicians in the late sixties and early seventies who conjured beautiful bohemian harmonies in sweet & smoky, scented rooms.

Nearly everyone who was there was, at one time or another, stoned; nobody remembers everything the same way. What is undeniably true is that from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s, some of the most melodic, atmospheric, and subtly political American popular music was written by residents of, or those associated with, Laurel Canyon.

Alluring aromas of cannabis command the mood against a melodic backdrop of fragrant eucalyptus trees after a spring rain. Wildflowers, apricots, swaying palm trees, and David Crosby’s suede jacket. You can almost smell the music. 

It’s got to be a long time coming, to a higher order of peace and freedom.


Notes are sewn together to create a tapestry of aromas, music, sounds, and smells to enthrall the heart. Through the bluesy raspy voice of Paul Rogers of Free & Bad Company, his choice of notes, like fragrance, convey soulful longing on this track.

Brimming with solar and citrus notes, Morning Sun opens with golden, velvety apricot syrup and fresh green lime leaves. Mild spicy hints of pink peppercorn and Timur pepper deliver deep red grapefruit notes perfumed with sweet intoxicating orange blossoms. 

Drops of dark, fragrant oud oil add depth to the heart notes, and a tinge of gourmand praline wood adds a soft creaminess to this wishful fragrance. 


Golden Rose

Chemicals stirred up by the weather can carry messages, a liquid metaphor that produces rainbows. An atmospheric event under a misty blue sky filled with a thousand stars. Based on a wistful dream that Jimi Hendrix had. 

Rainfall sends meaningful messages of time passage and nostalgia hanging about the place like a friendly ghost. 

Misty rainwater with drops of golden rose oil, awash in white cedar and woody base notes, sprinkled with salted rosemary and mandarin oil. The delicate raindrops lift our spirits, and the rolling thunder is an Axis: Bold as Love.


An aroma for all seasons.

The scent of Pine is filled with a secret power – primeval and ephemeral, comforting and invigorating. 

Crushed pine needles and the sweet fragrant syrup of Douglas fir, the sharp, resinous aroma of conifer trees and sap from the whispering pines of Northern Wisconsin. 

Pendants of wood resin breathe evergreen and refract light like memory. Inhale deeply and lose yourself in pure nostalgia.


A home so generous and soothing with an atmosphere of voluptuary sweetness. A soft, golden glow emanates peacefulness through warm and sensual perfume notes. Sparkling mimosa, ginger, and coriander scent the air. Delicate iris petals and temple sandalwood add depth to a ritual of light. 

You & I would meet at sunset when the evening candles were lit, sprayed with orange flower water

It’s a perfect moment. Let it in. 


A Dreamy Ode to Bob Marley. Sounds and perfumes turn in the evening air, in a beautiful aura where scent, music, and memory are combined. 

A loose groove of tobacco flower and cinnamon leaf drops into a soulful woodsy potion with an echo of mandarin, white thyme, and carnation. A long slow fade-in of powdery musk base notes and highly alluring warm amber accords emote a sensual appeal. A floating harmony illuminated from within, shining through clouds of sweet smoke of opopanax resin and creamy iris.

Inside the scent’s gentle glow, a dark fire burns with earthy patchouli and cedarwood for an olfactive journey of love, courage, mystical rhythms and revolution transcending both time and space. Feel them spirit. 


If you take care of the spirits, they will take care of you. 

Inspired by the wishful shrines and miniature temples of Thailand, Spirit House is an inviting, floral inquiry through a smoky cloud of incense sticks into the mystical, beautiful ceremony of keeping altars of daily gratitude to propitiate surrounding spirits, beckoning them to guard the dwellings we share.

Bearing the scent of orange, mandarin, and coriander, Spirit House is an uplifting blend of fire and crackling spices, pimento, and dried chilies with clarifying offerings of lemongrass and wild lime leaves wrapped in garlands of violets and rose hips. 

An ancient blend of vetiver and proprietary Ma-Kwan pepper from Thailand floats invisibly in the air to positively affect your mood and atmosphere. Like any miracle of good fortune, it cannot be explained, but wholly sensed within. 

Hope is illuminated. 


In the mist of poetic London rain, glittering in the smoky air, I swear to god in this light and on this day / London became the most beautiful thing I’ve seen.

A fragrance created to stir memories of a cherished autumn stroll through this village-like neighborhood in London. Home to Sir Paul McCartney, Abbey Road Studios, referenced in the Rolling Stones song, “Play with Fire.”

Smoke wafting from chimney pots heading skyward in a sweet haze. Smoky tendrils lead into dry hickory,  cedarwood, and vetiver with charred, woody notes that melt into damp aromas of autumn leaves on rain-soaked concrete.


Tears and Perfume

According to Greek Mythology, the aromatic exudings of the myrrh tree are from Myrrha’s tears, the subject of the most famous work (now lost) of the poet Helvius Cinna. This gum resin tends to be burned to exude aromas of peacefulness and protection on many levels. 

Creating this scent memory for our home rituals and ceremonies, we formulated Tears of Myrrh to exude the scent of incense inside Roman Basilicas visited on trips to Italy. This ancient and beautifully aromatic experience is a tradition that dates back thousands of years.

Into the Mystic

⁣Perfumed trees of antiquity weep bittersweet tears of precious resin. Dark tones of frankincense & myrrh are carried to the heavens on a floral crown of orange blossom and sweet freesia.⁣Charred vetiver & altar incense rise into a soulful blend of holy smoke.


A slow burn carried aloft by the sense of transcendent joy that comes from foraging out at the edges of things. Illuminated by scent memory from travels and the undeniably pretty leftover unfinished reel from the after sessions of David Crosby’s first solo record-

The Coast Road is a wafting sillage of orange blossoms and lime, Salty mandarin zest, Italian lemon, and soft sage stacked on harmonies of coriander, delicate jasmine, and creamy aromatic vapors of sandalwood, cedar, and guiac wood. Maritime pine floats on top of melodic, effervescent waves of scented dark blue waters along sun-swept coastal roads where the sea’s music meets the earth’s perfumes. 

The music feels the way a dream sounds when you try to retell it in the morning: foggy, only loosely coherent, dissolving in real-time.


You moved like honey in my dream last night. 

A million flowers in bloom in a field of liquid fire, burning beautifully in the morning. Honeycomb drips golden citrus notes and carries the scent of luscious black currant and wild herbs. 

Sipping on the divine and flying high on the light of heaven, the moon, the stars and the sun. 

You’ll remember me like a melody. 


Sweet and woody perfumes set ablaze. A cedarwood and fir balsam olfaction, warmed by fragrant forest resins and natural clove oils arranged in a darkly enchanting woodpile bouquet. 

Melting and burning in the glow of a crackling, ambient flame, our brush with each other lasting.

The smoke lingers in our hair, permeates our skin and travels deep to the seat of memory. The embers are still hot. 

We walk away from the fire; no matter how far we walk, we carry this scent with us.

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