presidential gardens

happy presidents day – it’s time to “get your garden on”!

we’re celebrating Presidents’ Day 2023 with some garden planning – seed selections, plant selections + ‘layout’, choosing containers…and never forgetting a little ‘garden ornament’ can go a long way!

and since it’s presidents day we are celebrating our presidents + incredible 1st ladies who have understood + honored the natural + cultivated world of plants + trees. all quotes on this page are from our one-and-only Lady Bird Johnson – what a leader!

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witch hazel – a bloom in New England in mid-winter is always a great thing.


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trees are such a wonder - planted directly in the earth - or in a container in a garden, on a pathway or roof deck.  "trees match everything" (that quote is ours!)

we are considering either a spanish ring pot or a woolen mill barrel planter from pennoyer newman…or maybe a mckenzie planter to be set on the pea stone garden surround at our belmont shop.

edibles – herbs + vegetables

last year we planted herbs in our pennoyer newman parterres – some success – others not so great (all due to the gardener, not the parterres which are an elegant solution for ‘raised beds’!) this year rosemary, fennel + dill will be planted in aged terra cotta pots from campo de fiori along with our mints (never ever leave mint to run ‘rampant’ in your garden unless you plan to make juleps for 1000+ of your closest friends:)!

I think we will experiment with ‘cool’ trellising this year – using campo de fiori trellises, hose guides, wire balls + stakes to go with our tomatoes (and under consideration – sweet peas).

where to plant, what to plant? plant everywhere! what to plant – well, we generally start ‘with a plan’ – and then go ‘plant shopping + the plan goes out the proverbial window’ – have at it – have fun. our overall scheme for 2023 is for “pollinators”, herbs that are ‘anti-inflammatory’, lots of native species and gorgeous ornamentation. after that, it’s like a great “look” – it’s just how you put it together!

where to ‘get the good stuff’

shopping for containers, plants, seeds + starters is half the fun! here are a few very special places we visit on our quest:

Allandale Farm - sustainably growing plants from see to store
Kitazawa Seed Co
McCues - family owned, fabulous herbs
Hudson Valley Seed Co
Seed Savers Exchange
Snug Harbor Farm - unique plants, wonderful to wander


people, organizations, great reads + special places to visit

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens - go there, every season is special
Native Plant Trust - a fantastic site for native plants
All the Presidents' Gardens, Marta McDowell (I ordered it today)
American Grown, Michelle Obama (on order)
Garland Farm - a jewel box with intriguing history
The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum - courtyard envy, all the time, anytime

never been, but plan to go…sometime

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Garden, Austin TX
Mount Vernon
The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden

I have really enjoyed learning more about the inimitable Lady Bird Johnson today as I prepped this page. As we say in our family “she’s the real deal” – thank you for your intelligence, compassion, vision and drive!

don’t forget our annual “get your garden on” SALE is ON NOW!