Marfa Stance Trunk Show

we are thrilled to host MARFA STANCE’s first boston area trunk show.

we are thrilled to be hosting MARFA STANCE – and we hope you can join us. a bit about Marfa STANCE + STYLE in their own words:

“We offer a collection of continuity. A kit of parts. Italian-made garments and buildable accessories engineered for year-round wearability and versatility thanks to their clever layering capacity. Marfa Stance puts you in control by providing you with the building blocks to create your very own endlessly evolving style, while giving you the power to climate control your own wardrobe with detachable hoods, collars and liners. Every element jigsaws together, season after season and never goes into sale. “

“Since launching, we’ve always recognised and celebrated the playfulness of modularity. We do not offer static stay-the-same garments that feel dated after a few years. You can satisfy the innate need for the new by incorporating pops of colour or texture to your existing Marfa Stance favourite. 

There are no rules here, only opportunity. Scrunchable, shareable and deliberately sustainable, Marfa Stance has evolved as the ultimate life-long, uniquely personal style statement, whoever you are and wherever you go.”

#sustainable luxury