bubbly + cheese

it’s that time of year – holiday parties, friends and family drop by, time set aside for a “nestle in” on a cold afternoon with a luxurious alpaca blanket + a great old movie…or a brisk long walk leads you back to your fireside – what could be better than bubbly + cheese?


the spirited gourmet in belmont provided cheese plates for our recent trunk show – put together on our own montes doggett platters – they were visually enticing and just plain delicious.  to make the day extra festive we served  Artefact Home|Garden’s “house bubblies” (or “zippy” as we often say) – Bohigas Brut Cava Reserva + our newest delight, Raventos i Blanc de Nit – our favorite sparkling rose.

if you haven’t visited the spirited gourmet – now is the time.  most weekends there are wine or beer tastings – the cheese + deli counter is amazing.


what we served:

rogue river reserve blue, oregon: the best of the best creamy blues

comte marcel petite, france: raw semi-hard cow’s milk cheese.  velvety smooth texture with a distinct nuttiness and a sweet, tangy aftertaste

kunik, new york: (this was new for me -a great recommendation) pasteurized goat’s milk with jersey cow cream.  very buttery with a decadent mouth-feel + lovely notes of mushroom.  try with a bubbly or fruity rose (no wonder i loved it!)

l’amuse, holland: a goat gouda, smooth + tangy, doesn’t have the ‘goatiness’ that is sometimes a turn-off.  a must try

langres, france: made from pastuerized cow’s milk the langres are concave on top to hold a splash of champagne – a perfect pair!  it’s a cheese with a little, but not a lot, of the often sought out ‘pungency’

petit basque, pyrenees france: sheep’s milk from the mountains, velvet on the tongue (another Artefact Home|Garden favorite)

looking for just the right ‘serving pieces’?  plates + bowls, boards + spreaders – drop by Artefact Home|Garden (check out our GIFT TABLE $ 50 and under while you visit!)

other remarkable treats at the spirited gourmet

if you need some suggestions on cheeses, condiments, pastas, gourmet (truly) gift baskets – or even your sandwich selection for lunch – ask for laura….spirits and wine?  ask for dave!

looking for something fabulous to serve or to pour?


looking for something fabulous to serve it on or pour it in?

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