a mixed bag of FUN + FABULOUS

fun + fabulous – some are functional! nothing is frivolous – perfect for gifting!

hanging citronella coil – we all want to get outdoors – but moisquitos!?!?!? they can really ruin a good time! check out this citronella coil – perfect hung from a tree (sorry the makers are in brooklyn so we just have an ‘urban photo’. arrives flat, boxed – easy to hang. approx. burn time is 150 hours. $ 44.

stunning wall art from jeweler Christine Fail – handcut brass rectangles, vintage copper chain. limited production (these are the last pieces available).

3 strand wall art, hand cut brass rectangles, vintage copper chain 10″w x 34″h $ 360 spirit chain, 3 piece single strand, 22″h $ 110

worry beads…that aren’t just for worry! KOMBOLOI is a string of beads manipulated with one or two hands + used to pass time in Greek + Cypriot cultures. Unlike prayer beads used in many religious traditions, these beads have no religious or ceremonial purpose. Create your own.

materials: wood, pigment, horsehair, leather, thread + wire $ 220.

orange yellow + natural beads with brown hair

blue + black beads with black hair

natural beads, copper wire loop with natural hair

totems – stakes with stainless steel spheres – super cool in a garden with tall grasses – a container with low underplantings – in a row or staggered – have at it – have fun! (not that we’re thinking about it now – but beautiful in the snow!)

stainless steel (some corrosion will occur in salty areas – but this can just add to the charm) 54.5″h, includes 8″ stake at base $ 104