1st dibs

our early morning hours waiting in line during the frosty (you read that right, frost in NC) sunrise glow to ensure we ‘got the best stuff’ has paid off!

take a look at what’s arriving + then let us know what has peaked your interest. we will let you know when it arrives + the location (boston or belmont). if you DEFINITELY want something – let us know and it’s yours


we loved these (and did the ‘filenes basement wedding dress rush’ to get them). vintage frames + textiles artfully combined to create these pieces…definite european feel!

vessels + votives (well, vessels + a large luminary)

light shades

all of the lovely light shades will be at the BELMONT location

other cool things

expected delivery is nov 16th – the brilliant pillows are already available at the boston shop.

stay tuned for more new launches: a new linen area rug collection (estimate march 2023), amazing brass + glass lights (due april 2023 ), new candlestick design from van collier (fingers crossed before christmas).